The structure is manufactured in 1.5mm sheet steel
Mounting plate manufactured in 2.5mm sheet steel
Door Manufactured in 2mm sheet steel with reinforcing frame Back panel, base and roof in 1.5mm sheet steel
Finish: Standard cycle thermosetting epoxypolyester powder coating Structure, door and back panel RAL 7032 textured finish
Mounting plate: Zinc coated
Protection Degree: IP55 To EN60529 Nema12
Supply Include:
Front door with reinforcing frame with 4 hinges and a 4 points
Locking system
Mounting plate and 4 mounting plate supports
Back panel
Top cover
Cable gland plate
4 Lifting eyebolts


AR9 126/4K 600X1200X400
AR9 126/8K 600X1200X800
AR9 128/6K 800X1200X600
AR9 146/4K 600X1400X400
AR9 146/8K 600X1400X800
AR9 148/6K 800X1400X600
AR9 166/6K 600X1600X600
AR9 168/6K 800X1600X600
AR9 186/5K 600X1800X500
AR9 186/8K 600X1800X800
AR9 188/5K 800X1800X500
AR9 1810/4K 1000X1800X400
AR9 1810/6K 1000X1800X600
AR9 203/6K 300X2000X600
AR9 204/5K 400X2000X500
AR9 206/4K 600X2000X400
AR9 206/6K 600X2000X600
AR9 208/4K 800X2000X400
AR9 208/6K 800X2000X600
AR9 2010/4K 1000X2000X400
AR9 2010/6K 1000X2000X600
AR9 226/6K 600X2200X600
AR9 228/6K 800X2200X600
AR9 2210/6K 1000X2200X600